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These are for your own personal use only. Please don't post these patterns on any site, newsgroup, email, yadda yadda, yadda, but do feel free to pass on the link if you like. I have worked hard to make these original, yet easy and functional patterns, so please don't take that away from me. Most will work up in an afternoon or evening.

Fashion Doll Patterns

Off the shoulder top

Formal Skirt

Party Dress

Pink Sequin Outfit

Sundress and Accessories

Basic Mini Skirt

Summer Top


Balloon Fridgie

Baseball Fridgie

Heart Fridgie


Heart Bookmark

Balloon Bookmark

Recycled Items

I am a big fan of recycling. Unfortunately we do not have a place that recycles glass (they take everything else, go figure). I hate to just throw my jars away, so I am always looking for uses for them. These will work well as pen / pencil holders, or as a pretty potpourri holder.

Jar - 25 oz Pickle

Jar - 10 oz Olive

Scalloped Jar Covers